Locations Where Our

BAA Member’s Art

Can Be Viewed In And Around Bakersfield

Betty Younger Gallery in B of A Building the corner or Chester &Truxtun

Open on any First Friday's from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Call for interview to show and invitations to attend. (661)808-4148 or 831-2480  Gallery hours are daily 11 to 5 p.m. excluding Sundays and Mondays, Saturdays by appointment only. Members of the Bakersfield Art Association and the public are invited.”

 OTHER Art or Art Related locations

  Around Bakersfield

Bakersfield Museum of Art 1930 R Street

ART Around Town!

Art Center - Our own Bakersfield Art Association Member’s Gallery                             

At our location at 1607  19th Street.

HOURS: Mondays thru Fridays 11 to 5 pm *  First Fridays 11 to 9 pm *  Saturdays 11 to 4 pm Closed Sundays                                                                                       

Metro Galleries 1604 19th Street

Ice House Framing and Gallery 1610 19th Street

Todd Madigan Art Gallery at CSUB 9001 Stockdale Hwy.

Wire and Pearl 1911 17th St.

FIRST FRIDAY…..Every First Friday of each month. Centered around the intersection of 19th and Eye Street. Visit the indoor galleries and explore the street displays that line the sidewalks

Put on by Bakersfield Downtown Business Association

Art Council of Kern County 2000 K Street

Kern County Beale Library 701 Truxtun Ave.

Access Center 1330 Truxtun Ave. (661) 324-9000 Call for hours and days. Between Chester and L- across from Superior Court

NX Annex  3819 River Blvd. Across from the Panorama Bluffs and Green Lawn Cemetery

Frameworks 1020  18th Street

If you are a BAA member and would like to participate in any of these shows, please contact Charlotte White 661-330-2676 EVENINGS ONLY and also sign up at the Art Center in the Outside Satellite Shows Notebook. See “Call to Artist’s on the next page for more details.

GROUP SHOW, “The Kern River”

(by Norma Eaton)

The theme for the next Group Invitational Show in January 2019 is “The Kern River. Prospectus/Rules are in the back of the BAA. Or can be emailed by contacting Norma Eaton at

See Art Though out California and the U.S.!  Check out this website

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The Art Guide  Check out this website

The copyright of all paintings. Drawings and photographs shown on this site are owned and retained by the individual artists and the BAA. All rights reserved.

EVENTS Where Our BAA Member’s Art

Can Be Viewed

Have a suggestion for a museum to be listed? Write the Webmaster Greg Ketchum at

Art for Healing at Mercy Hospital Downtown 2215 Truxtun Ave   (661) 632-5000

 Offering patients, families, and community members an opportunity to experience the healing benefits that may come from creative expression.


(by Charlotte White, Chairperson)


Attention artist who participate in the satellite shows. Please save the information cards for each painting you hang so that it will be available for the next show and saves on our having to order more cards and you having to fill out another card each time.

Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce, Board Room, 18th & Eye Streets. Exhibitors Nov-Dec: Nor-ma Neil, Jounghee (Emily) Won 30% comm. (15% BCC & 15% BAA). Coordinator: Charlotte White.

Covenant Coffee Shop, 1700 North Chester Avenue. Nov-Dec Exhibitor: Jill Iverson. Contact Kay Hall, (324-0311) 30% comm. (20% CC & 10% BAA).

Dagny’s Coffee Company, BAA Art Gallery (1-man show), 1600 20th St. Mimi Placencia, Coordinator. November exhibitor: Marsha Black. Contact Mimi to exhibit, 661-444-0186 or 30% commission (20% D & 10% BAA).

Dagny’s Coffee Company, BAA Art Gallery Annex, 1600 20th St. Coordinator, Mimi Placencia. Oct-Nov exhibitors: “In My Kitchen ” themed art by Marsha Black, Marilyn Cameron, Deborah Cooper, Patte Embrey, Iva Cross Fendrick, Charlotte White and Joyce Umfress. 30% commission (20% D & 10% BAA). Contact Mimi to exhibit at or 661-444-0186.

Guild House/BAA Art Gallery, 1905 18th St. Nov-Dec exhibitors: . Contact Norma Neil, Coordinator (204-4653 or; or Peggy Stannard (661-204-9184 or Comm. 30% (20% GH & 10% BAA).

Kern Literacy Council, 331 18th St. Nov-Dec exhibitors: Marilyn Cameron, Iva Fendrick, Vicki Meadows. To exhibit contact Charlotte White, Coordinator. 30% comm. (15% KLC & 15% BAA).

Lorene’s Ranch Restaurant, 1531 23rd St. Exhibitor Nov-Dec: Patte Embrey Comm. 30% (15% L & 15% BAA). Contact Toni Lott, coordinator, to exhibit.

Nature’s Market and Juice Bar, 2000 “H” St. Nov-Dec exhibitor: Deborah Cooper. Patte Embrey Coordinator, 337-8746 Comm. 30% (15% NM&JB & 15% BAA).

Stars Theater/BAA Art Gallery, 1931 Chester Avenue. Nov-Dec exhibitors: Roline Loung, Vic-ki Meadows, Martin Varga, and Iva Fendrick. Call Iva Fendrick (661-872-2332 )to participate in future shows. Comm. 30% (15% S & 15% BAA).

Toss It Salad Bar, 1917 Eye St. Nov-Dec Ex-hibitor: Patti Doolittle. Coordinator: Charlotte White, 330-2676. 30% commission (15% Toss It, 15% BAA)

Epic Jet Center, 1105 Douglas. Group Show: Iva Fendrick, Ann Sullivan, Patti Doolittle, and Char-lotte White. This is a semi-permanent exhibit, there will be no changes. Iva Fendrick and Charlotte White, Co-Coordinators. 30% Commission.

Kern Literacy Council, 331 18th St. Iva Fendrick, Marsha Black, and Jounghee Emily Won, to exhibit November thru De- cember. To participate, sign up in Art Center notebook. Char- lotte White, Coordinator; 30% comm. (15% KLC & 15% BAA).

 Lorene’s Ranch Restaurant, 1531 23rd St. Marsha Black exhibiting November thru December. Comm. 30% (15% L & 15% BAA). Toni Lott, Coordinator. Contact Toni to exhibit.

 Nature’s Market and Juice Bar, in front portion of Henley Building on “H” St. Mimi Placencia and Kay Hall exhibiting No- vember thru December. Charlotte White, Coordinator. Comm. 30% (15% NM&JB & 15% BAA).

Reactivated, Stars West, 2756 Mosasco Street, 93312. Exhibitors November thru December: Marsha Black, Patti Doolit- tle, Phyllis Oliver . Marsha Black, Coordinator. Call Marsha or sign up in Art Center notebook; 30% comm. (15% SW & 15% BAA).

Stars Theatre/BAA Art Gallery, 1931 Chester Avenue. Exhibiting through November 20: Patti Doolittle, Iva Fendrick, Patte Embrey, Phyllis Oliver, Laura Valenzuela, Norma Eaton & Joyce Umfress. Call Patti to participate in future shows. Com- mission 30% (15% S & 15% BAA).

Southern California Art Museums and Galleries

Pasadena Museum of California Art

Museum of Latin American Art

Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Orange County Museum of Art

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Laguna Art Museum

The Getty

The Autry Museum of the American West

The Broad

Armory Center for the Arts (Pasadena)

Art Center College of Art and Design:  Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery (Pasadena)

USC Pacific Asia Museum (Pasadena)

Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena 

The Huntington in San Marino

Fowler Museum at UCLA


Hammer Museum at UCLA

Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery at Scripps College (Claremont)

Pomona College Museum of Art (Claremont)

AMOCA - American Museum of Ceramic Art (Pomona)

Long Beach Museum of Art


Dagny’s BAA Art Gallery 1600 20th Street.

Art by Jim Bates will be the featured art at the Dagny’s BAA Gallery through December. Meet the artist on First Friday, December 8 from 6 to 8 pm.

Jim Bates is a native of California, born and raised in Bakersfield and educated in the central valley. He attended Fresno State where he majored in Art and minored in History prior to completing course work to become an art teacher. He has worked in almost all art medias; photography, pencil, ink, conte crayon, acrylics, oils, watercolors, mixed media as well as a variety of styles. His work is mostly realistic, and he enjoys the challenge of accurately replicating nature in his paintings. He has been influenced by a variety of artists but as a group, the Flemish Renaissance artists really have in-spired him to focus on realism and accurately portray his subject matter.

Jim also enjoys the challenge of drawing and painting trains. He has painted trains that interest him as well as drawing them in pen and ink. To rep-resent them as realistic as possible he finds very enjoyable and many times when a piece is completed, he amazes himself that he was able to make the painting as well as he did.

He hopes you enjoy his trains and the work that goes into completing each and every one of them.