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Dates for Members to Remember


If you have artwork that is small in size (approximately 10” x 10” ) that you would like to donate to the glass shelves next to the cashier. The sale of these items will be ear-marked for the scholarship fund!

See Art Center Manager, Floyd Dillon with your donations


Art Lovers: Nancy Clark;

Stella & Tom Mullins; Ron Schilling;

 and Joyce Umfress.

Art Patrons: Randal Berquist

Art Champion: David Olds and  

Annie Renee Degeare-Garner


Kathy Schilling, Shirley Rowles,

Betty & Milt Younger, and Charlotte White

Any member with concerns or ideas on improving BAA operations are always invited to discuss or present their ideas to BAA Board members. This is YOUR organization and it can only be as great as BAA members want it to be.

Ways you as a member can help the BAA

In a effort to cut down on the cost of supplies to use in keeping the BAA Art Center clean and usable by all, we are asking for donations from the following list.  If you can buy in bulk, we have plenty of room in the basement for storage.  Any questions, call Toni at 869-2320 or 205-3488.  Prices are approximate, depending on sales.


Kirkland toilet paper (package $15.99)

Kirkland paper towels (package $15.79)

Kirkland Kleenex full size (package $15)

Kirkland 13 gallon Tall trash bags, 200 count ($14.99)

Lysol Bowl cleaner (comes in box of 4, $9.99)

Comet Powder Cleaner, 29 oz., 6 ct. ($5.79)

Clorox disinfectant wipes (Kirkland surface wipes $11.69)

Flat of 8 oz. water bottles (double 3.39, redemption 2.00)

Flat of 16 oz. water bottles (6.69, redemption 3.50)

Printer ink HP61XL black and color ($59.99, tax 4.50)

From other sources:

Swiffer wet jet liquid and pads

Swiffer duster replacement duster


white cocktail napkins

white plates 6" medium weight

clear plastic cups for drinks 5 oz.

Styrofoam cups for hot drinks 8-9 oz.

Toothpicks (rounded ones)

  Click HERE for a printable list, to tuck in your purse or wallet. That way you you won’t have to guess!



Do you shop Amazon? The BAA can benefit from your purchases by receiving .5% of everything you buy. Go to and choose the BAA as your charity and shop as usual. Even if you have Prime, there is no difference in how you shop. So every time you need to shop Amazon, be sure to log into


Be sure to check with your committee of choice for your contribution opportunity to support your organization, the BAA. We are always looking for more help and you would be a perfect fit!

 Art Center Exhibit Wall: Floyd Dillon, 873-7425

 Art Center Manager: Floyd Dillon 873-7425

 Classes: Carol Bradshaw, 760-376-6604

 Donations & Bequests: Alan Neumann, 703-2337

 Events & Marketing: Iva Fendrick, 872-2332

 Grants: ______________

 Finance: Jim Bates, 871-7640

 Fundraising: Kathy Schilling 496-3963

 Historian: Nancy Clark, 872-3295 & Stella Mullins

 Hospitality: Linda Bowser, 703-5491

 Librarian: Cheri Sperl, 301-3008

 Membership: Laura Mizrahi, 399-9227 or 760-937-7181

 Newsletter: Stella Mullins 587-5211 or 477-6933

 Parliamentarian: Floyd Dillon, 873-7425

 Plein Air: Norma Eaton, 541-231-5459

 Publicity: Norma Eaton, 541-231-5459

 Satellite Shows: Charlotte White, 330-2676

 Scholarships and Awards: Kathy Schilling 496-3963

 Website: Greg Ketchum, 319-5034

 Workshops: Marlene Meek, 376-9195


(by Stella Mullins, Editor)

The BAA now has it’s “Appreciation Wall” installed at the Art Center showcasing all persons or agencies who have contributed monetarily to the BAA starting with the last couple of years, and going forward into the future. The Wall is located at the back of the west gallery. Check it out.

The different giving categories are as follows:

$500 – Pearl;

$1,000 – Silver;

$2,000 – Gold;


$10,000— Ruby; and

$20,000 plus—Diamond.

Pearl, Silver and Gold recipients will each receive a 5-year membership, a recognition plaque and 10% discount on BAA purchases for five (5) years.

Emerald, Ruby and Diamond recipients will each receive a lifetime membership, a recognition plaque and 10% discount on purchases for life. A star will be added for each additional donation in the same category.

The Wall was created after the BAA Board accepted the recommendation of the newly created Donations & Bequeaths Committee headed by Member-at-Large and Chairman Alan Neumann. The committee recommended that we publicly recognize our large-dollar donors.

Don’t forget, when planning your taxes, living trust and/or wills please keep your BAA in mind for a gift.



 AC Committee Meeting—Aug. 1, 2 pm, at the Art Center

 BAA Board Meeting—Aug 9th, 5:30 pm at the Art Center

 General Membership—No meeting in August

WELCOME New Members

Donna Bianco, Joy Singh




Bakersfield Art Association

1607 19th Street, 93301

P.O. Box 386, 93302 TELEPHONE:661-869-2320



Mondays thru Fridays 11 to 5 pm First Fridays 11 to 9 pm

Saturdays 11 to 4 pm Sundays closed

2018-2019 BAA BOARD

President: Iva Fendrick, 872-2332

Vice President: Micki Schulz, 330-3002

Secretary: Joyce Umfress, 398-1122 and Kay Hall

Treasurer: Kay Hall, 324-0311

Art Center Managers: Marsha Black, Kay Hall, Iva Fendrick & Toni Lott

Finance: Jim Bates, 805-6201 & Charlotte White

Satellite Shows: Charlotte White, 330-2676

At Large: Iva Fendrick, Mimi Placencia,

Micki Schulz, Jane Thornton & Jan Wiley    


AC Exhibit Wall: Marsha Black, 510-852-1344

Classes: Carol Bradshaw, 760-376-6604

Donations & Bequests: Micki Schulz, 330-3002

Events & Marketing: Iva Fendrick, 872-2332

Fundraising, Scholarships and Awards:

Kathy Schilling, 496-3963

Grants: TBD

Historian: Nancy Clark, 872-3295

Hospitality: Micki Schulz, 3303002

Librarian: Cheri Sperl, 301-3008

Membership: Kay Hall 444-7360

Master Calendar & Historian: Stella Mullins,

587-5211 or 477-6933

Assistant for Programs: Norma Savage,

834-4731 or 619-9038

Plein Air : Norma Eaton, 541-231-5459

Publicity: Mimi Placencia, 444-0186

Assistant Treasurer: Elleta Abuliel, 832-0333

Website: Greg Ketchum, 319-5934

Workshops: Cheri Sperl, 301-3008



Norma Eaton, normartist@hotmail,



Greg Ketchum, webmaster



(by Iva Fendrick)

The First Friday workers scheduled for August are Marsha Black, Iva Fendrick and we need one more. If any of you need to switch, please let Iva know at 872-2332.

If any of you need to switch, please let Iva know at 872-2332.


The copyright of all paintings. Drawings and photographs shown on this site are owned and retained by the individual artists and the BAA. All rights reserved.

News Alerts, Mid Month Topics and Updates


(BY Linda Bowser)

For July Marsha Black, photographer. Shared her craft. Over decades of travel and professional training through the New York Institute of Photog-raphy and many workshops from professional photog-raphers, I have developed techniques that make great photography-while-traveling easy and fun. At the Sep-tember 8, 2018 Bakersfield Art Association meeting, which starts at 10am at the Association Gallery locat-ed at 1607 19th Street in Bakersfield, I will be present-ing some of the techniques I use when I am traveling. Included will be ideas on how to think about and de-fine subject matter, managing light, what composition elements to look for through the lens, and the im-portance of good editing. Please join us for a fun and informative program.

For an intrepid traveler and photographer, the invitation to visit Paris for 12 days, with another seven days split between Giverny and Auvers was too good to pass up. To be able to wander on my own with a camera and be unencumbered with schedules and “must-see” destinations except by my own choosing has been a rare travel event. How could I possibly turn it down? Yes, I have been to Paris many times, but never with an open book like this. Of course, I accept-ed the invitation.

There is no member meeting in August.


We are starting the process of creating the 2019 BAA Calendar. The 2017 Calendar project was quite successful. We sold every last one of the 250 calendars. The last eight were sold to an art lover in Indiana who gave them to friends and family. It is fantastic to know that our artist’s work is seen on a daily basis by

250 households and businesses. We have had over 38 submissions by 25 artists for the 2019 Calendar. We

invite all of our members and supporters to attend the June 9 General Meeting to vote on the art to be included in the 2019 calendar. We need to narrow down the 38 to 14 works of art and we would love your input. See you on June 9 -The Calendar Committee


Stella Mullins is still doing email blasts to the membership. If there is something you want everyone to know contact Stella at