April Featured Artist

Vicki Meadows

"European Influence"

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Dagny’s February Featured Artist


Dagny’s BAA Art Gallery 1600 20th Street.

“Flowers”, art by Mi Okh will be the featured art at the Dagny’s BAA Gallery through April.

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Vicki Meadows is a self-taught artist, who enjoys painting in acrylics. Though her style of artwork is realism, she favors works by Monet and other impressionists. Landscapes and old architecture are her favorite subject matter.

Vicki was turned on to art after her 1st grade teacher put her painting in the Kern County Fair and it took 1st place. She was always drawing as a child and was later introduced to painting when her father gave her paints and an easel one Christmas. After several years of painting for family and friends, that came to a halt when she was blessed with two children. But, after a 40+ year hiatus from painting, she was asked to paint a picture for an auction for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. After doing so she wondered, "Why did I ever quit painting?" She found such enjoyment and pleasure in painting that she now makes it a priority.



 Art by Vicki Meadows will be the featured artist at the BAA Art Center through April.

The Opening Reception will be First Friday, April 5 from 6 to 8 pm.