April Featured Artist

Cheri Sperl


“Life Stories: Capturing Moments in Time”

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(by Floyd Dillon)

I just want to say that I am continually amazed by the work shown by the BAA Featured Artists. It is truly outstanding and the artists showing on the wall deserve our thanks.  


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Cheri Sperl is a story teller, one without words but done through use of oil and acrylic paints on canvas as the title of her show suggests. Cheri starts the story with her portraits and allows the viewer to finish using their own imagination and experiences. She is drawn towards painting a variety of subjects, but her inspiration comes mostly from children and animals. She strives to impart an emotional quality into each portrait by capturing a fleeting moment or unusual gesture in paint. Her paintings have an emotional quality which are both serene and introspective.

Cheri has always been artistic, but only starting painting 8 years ago. She has taken several workshops from renowned artists and enjoys learning new techniques which she adapts to her artistic style. Recently retired as a Dietitian, Cheri is spending her time painting and enjoying her family, husband John and three cats. For more information about Cheri Sperl’s art, visit her web-site at


Opening Reception will be First Friday, April 6 from 6 to 8 pm.