September Featured Artist

Victoria Porter

“Art By Victoria”

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(by Floyd Dillon)

I just want to say that I am continually amazed by the work shown by the BAA Featured Artists. It is truly outstanding and the artists showing on the wall deserve our thanks.  

Dagny’s May Featured Artist


Dagny’s BAA Art Gallery 1600 20th Street. Paintings by Greg Stanley will be the featured art at the Dagny’s BAA Gallery through September.

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Art by Victoria Porter will be the featured art at the BAA Art Center through September.


Opening Reception will be First Friday, September 7th from 6 to 8 pm.

Born in 1983 in small town in the south of Russia Victoria Porter always felt a strong connection with Russian culture and heritage. By having a talent and desire to draw, she was sketching everywhere she could until her drawings made her a student of the Art school which she finished in an accelerated 2 years instead of 4 in 2000. Although she wanted to continue her education in Art her family couldn’t afford it and she rerouted her life to the literature institute. She graduated and started to work as an editor on TV until in 2010. She found her destiny and moved after her husband to the US. That’s when she started to paint and draw again. Moving to Brooklyn first shaped her style and the subject of her art. People have always been the main interest for her. New environments of African-American community in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn inspired her to create a series of portraits of black people called “Black Angels”. Moving to Bakersfield in 2015 gave her time and space to create portraits of people she loves and admires. In 2016 Victoria Porter was recognized by the International Jury MASTER OF ART INTER-NATIONAL ® Art Exhibition and Awards in London in the following categories: Best Fine Art and Best Portrait. In 2017 her trilogy “Black Angels” was selected to be a part of the exhibit UN SEUL GRAIN DE RIZ in Paris. “Black is Beautiful” is a collection of portraits dedicated to the beauty of black people. It’s a tribute to a black skin. Women, men and children, celebrities and random people - every shade of black skin is beautiful!