President—Catherine Malahowski, 717-4433

Dear friends and members of the BAA.

The weather feels a lot nicer as we approach the Holidays. It even stayed mild throughout the Fair days.

The workshop near the end of September was given by Patti Doolittle. The workshop featured portraits using heavy acrylics and very little water. She created an amazing portrait of her uncle using this medium. I found it to be challenging because this technique is different from other mediums. Patti is a very patient and talented instructor as well as a wonderful artist.

The featured artist for First Friday at the Art Center was Floyd Dillion. His show was called “Solitude” and he displayed beautiful paintings capturing the peaceful and well needed feeling of just being alone on a warm afternoon at lunch time or walking on the beach on a warm night enjoying the sunset. He has a way with color and perspectives that is just perfect.

The featured artist for Dagny’s is a new member of the BAA, Kelley Pankey. She had on display stunning pictures done in Scratchboard Art appropriate for this Autumn Season.

There were some very nice musical features downtown on First Friday. A Mariachi band walked around and would then pause to entertain people with their music, people who were sitting outside on such a pleasant evening. Sandrini’s, an Italian restaurant, had an Irish band. There is nothing better than enjoying Italian cuisine while enjoying ethnic Celtic music.

The October members meeting was enjoyed by all. Norma Savage introduced Amy Smith who is the president of the Bakersfield Museum of Art (BMOA). She shared with us the many activities that BMOA provides, like the “Via Arte” event on October 21st through 22nd, and “Art After Dark” set for October 26th from 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

The October program was a demonstration in watercolor of trees, lakes, rivers and rocks by Iva Fendrick. She showed us how to make water look realistic by the brush strokes and the reflection from the trees and rocks in the picture. She also told us the best col- ors and brushes to be used for realistic looking trees and rocks. I enjoy a demo by Iva every week in her class and continue to learn something new or be reminded of something I already learned.

Have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving and if you must travel, be safe.


Vice President — Linda Bowser

Thank you, Iva, for your wonderful demo at our general meeting on October 14th. We love Iva; she always puts on an exciting demonstration. If you missed Iva’s October demo, she has agreed to do another one in the Spring. We are still working on the exact month but it will be announced soon in the newsletter. Thanks again, Iva, for your two beautiful paintings that you donated for our raffle.

Log Cabin Florist has agreed to do a floral arrangement demo at our November 11th general meeting just in time for your holiday festivities. Flowers always make your table look so beautiful and very festive. The demonstration will explain some colors and design using fresh flowers.

We will not have a regular general meeting in December but instead we will be having our annual Christmas Party and Silent Auction Baskets with a surprise Raffle. Hope to see you all there. It’s always lots of fun with lots of good food, and a good way to get ahead of your holiday shopping as well as support your organization, the BAA.

Secretary—Joyce Umfress; 398-1122

Treasurer—Elleta Abuliel. 832-0333

 Art Center Manager—Floyd Dillon

Thanks to all our BAA members who make First Fridays a success. This includes our sales people, food and beverage team, those members who bring special foods, and the artists who attend and discuss their art. Frequently an artist will have a sale because they were at the Art Center to discuss their work with a visitor to the Art Center.

Now let us turn to getting ready for the “Holiday Season”. It is time for the Art Center to get in the spirit. Therefore, I invite our members to gather on Tuesday, November 7th to decorate the Art Center and set up displays for special holiday gifts. Tables will be arranged to display holiday cards, ornaments and small three-dimensional items produced by BAA members. Any member may bring items they have created and tagged with name and price. Make sure you bring them to the office area so that we can organize them for display.

We are looking for someone interested in becoming the manager of the Art Center. This is a great opportunity to become a leader in the Bakersfield Art Association. The Art Center is the face of the BAA for the local community, the workers and instructors are the ambassadors who interface with people interested in art. You will meet and get to know BAA members who are helping to keep art alive in Bakersfield. When I took this position, I stated that I would do it on an interim basis. That period is now approaching the one-year mark, so it is time for an enterprising soul to step forward and take on the task.

Now there are only two Art Center wall spaces available, as two vacant spaces have been filled. Several individuals have expressed interest in showing their work but have not stepped forward to have their artwork juried. If you are interested, please get in touch with me to get information on the process to get your art on the Art Center wall or at other BAA venues.

If you haven’t visited the Art Center recently, you should and don’t forget to tell your friends where the Art Center is located. The Art Center hours remain the same and all are encouraged to stop in for those special items that you need.


                Events & Marketing – Iva Fendrick, 872-2332

Classes – Carol Bradshaw, 760-376-6604

Donations & Bequests – Alan Neumann, 703-2337


Finance: Jim Bates – 871-7640

Fundraising: Kathy Schilling 496-3963

The deadline for printing the calendar is fast approaching. We now have nine committed ads and need fourteen to fully fund the production of the BAA 2018 Calendar. Please contact Stella at or 661-477-6933 if you would like 14 months of advertising for your art or business, or a friend’s business by August 1st latest. Those already placing ads are: Barbershoppers, Marsha Black, Linda Bowser, Direct Lending, Patti Doolittle, Iva Fendrick, Kathy Schilling, Barbara Shipley, and Marilyn Steward.

 Historian: Nancy Clark, 872-3295 & Stella Mullins

Hospitality: Linda Bowser, 703-5491

 Librarian: Cheri Sperl, 301-3008

 Library update. Please remember to return all overdue library books. Books can be checked out for 30 days at a time.

 Membership Report: Joyce Umfress

Newsletter: Stella Mullins 587-5211 or 477-6933

I’ve just given notice to the Board that as of December 31st, I  will be stepping down from the position of Editor of the BAA Newsletter. My last newsletter will be the January 2018 issue. I have really enjoyed being the Editor but health issues of both my husband and myself prompted this decision (6-day hospital stay for Tom). The Board will be searching for someone who wants to be a big part of their organization, the BAA. Currently we use Publisher software but someone with other computer expertise would be welcome too. This position plays a big role in keeping everyone informed as to what is going on in the BAA. I am happy to give some basic training to get some- one new started, where, what, when and whatever.

Parliamentarian: Floyd Dillon, 873-7425


(by Norma Eaton, Chairperson)

In November, the Plein Air Trek (PAT) group will meet on the 14th at Pioneer Village.; and on the 28th at the San Miguel Commemorative Park.

As usual, details will be emailed to everyone on the plein air list a few days before the event. Any member can re- quest inclusion in our email list by notifying Norma Eaton at  or 661-633-4640.

 Publicity – Norma Eaton, 541-231-5459

              Scholarships and Awards – Kathy Schilling 496-3963

 The Scholarship Committee Chairperson Kathy Schilling presented $1,000 scholarships plus a BAA year’s membership to three deserving young artists at the June meeting on the 10th. They all expressed their appreciation for such a generous scholarship from the BAA.

 Kathy also presented a $250 award plus a BAA year’s membership to two fantastic art teachers at the meeting.

Website: Greg Ketchum, 319-5034

(by Greg Ketchum, Webmaster)

Art Center Exhibit Wall – Floyd Dillon, 873-7425

The 2018 Art Center Featured Wall Schedule has been compiled from those members who indicated that they wished to have a show at the Art Center. The schedule is as follows:

January 5 . . . . . Sharon Casey     February 1 . .. . . Group Show     March 2 . . . . . . Greg Stanley

April 6 . . . .  . Cheri Sperl    May 4 . . . . . Marlene Meek    June 1 . .  . . . Marsha Black     July 6 . . . . . Group Show

August 3 . . . . . .Marilyn Cameron     September 7 . . ... Victoria Porter     October 5 . . . . . Martin Varga

November 2 . … . Norma Eaton and others    December 7 . ... . Patti Doolittle

Workshops – Marlene Meek, 376-9195

Our first Saturday Workshop of the new season was a huge success! Kudos to Patti Doolittle for giving an outstanding presentation on painting children from personal photos using the newer full-bodied acrylics. All nine participants enjoyed the challenge and most appeared pleased with their results. (One or two left before I had a chance to look.) Patti is a marvel! Not only was she able to begin and finish a work of her own, she spent half her time helping her ladies get things right. This workshop was filled with happy grandmothers, unlike past workshops where there have been a handful of men also.

Our next planned workshop will be the third Saturday of February, 2018 with Art Sherwyn. Art is a retired Bakersfield Art Instructor and accomplished draftsman who will be sharing his drawing methods and materials, so mark your calendars! You won't want to miss this one.

Newsletter and Nominating Committee: Stella Mullins,  


                             Installation at the June 10th general meeting:


President:            Catherine Malahowski

Vice President: Linda Bowser

Secretary:          Joyce Umfress

Treasurer:            Kay Hall                                            Standing Committees:

Art Center Manager:              Floyd Dillon

Finance Committee Chair:   Jim Bates

Satellite Show Chair:             Charlotte White             At Large Directors:

Iva Fendrick    Stella Mullins     Mimi Placencia     Micki Schulz

Satellite Shows – Charlotte White


Finance – Jim Bates

Members At Large –  Iva Fendrick, Stella Mullins, Mimi Placencia, Micki Schulz                                

EVENTS: If your group would want to hold an event at BAA (some examples could be bunco, card night, book club, an organization that needs more room than a home can provide), contact Iva Fendrick, 872-2332. The BAA fee is reasonable and we do have a kitchen with space to set up food trays, etc.

MARKETING: If you know somewhere that you feel people would use the gallery tour cards, let me know and I will get them to you. We also have the rack cards that give information about what the BAA has to offer to the community. Be sure when you tell people about our organization to make it clear that we are NOT the gallery in the park, the Bakersfield Museum of Art.

The copyright of all paintings. Drawings and photographs shown on this site are owned and retained by the individual artists and the BAA. All rights reserved.