President—Catherine Malahowski, 717-4433

Dear  friends and members of the BAA, we are entering a new year for the BAA. Welcome to new board members. It is time to resume those fun monthly membership meetings and exciting new workshops starting with Patti Doolittle's on September 23rd. See Marlene Meek’s report.

First Friday was a busy evening. Gary Knerr was the featured artist for August. I feel that his art is absolutely stunning. He displayed paintings of places where he has traveled. It is evident that painting has been his passion for most of his life. Congratulations, Gary, on selling a painting at the reception.

The featured artist at Dagny’s was Joyce Umfress. She displayed many beautiful, colorful watercolor paintings of probably everything she loves from flowers to grandchildren.

Stella Mullins and I had the honor of accepting a $1,000 grant to the BAA from Stinson’s at their Awards Breakfast on the early morning of Tuesday August 29th at their warehouse facility on Sonora Street. They were celebrating their 70th anniversary by giving $1,000 to 70 non-profits in Kern County. Floyd Dillon, manager of the Art Center, has set up an account with Stinson’s to facilitate ordering supplies, etc., from their office supply store.

Our newest Board Member at Large Micki Schulz has agreed to head the Donations & Bequests Committee working with Iva. Edi McCormick has resigned as chairperson of the Grants Committee. We are seeking someone to take over this function and search for grants that would benefit the BAA. We have several members who have participated in writing grants in the past who can help in writing any future grant applications.

The Kern County Fair will be here soon. I hope to see a lot of art work displayed from our members. See Kathy Schilling’s Call for Artists on page 8, regarding the BAA Raffle at the Fair.

Sadly, one of our members Nina Landgraff passed away unexpectedly on July 25th. She was a gifted artist and an amazing teacher. She will be missed.

I am looking forward to all the upcoming events.


Vice President — Linda Bowser

Patti Doolittle will be kicking off our 2017-2018 season with a demonstration using heavy acrylic paints at our September 9th general meeting. As usual we will begin with a short business meeting at 10 a.m., followed by refresh- ments, a raffle and Patti’s demonstration.

Patti is a talented local artist and the BAA is so lucky that she has agreed to do a portrait demo for us. Patti will also be doing a workshop at the Art Center on Saturday, September 23rd using the same subject matter, portraits in heavy acrylic paints. There are a few openings left for any one who would like to sign up. If you would like to see some of Patti’s work, it is on the wall in the west gallery at the Art Center. You are always welcome to come into the Art Center and check out her work. You won’t be disappointed.

For the October program, Iva Cross Fendrick will demonstrate her love of drawing with pen and ink, making it a mixed medium, with the use of watercolor. She likes to explore a variety of methods in her paintings, usually having a very loose style, with “wet on wet”, then adding ink. Sometimes she uses inks that will run or a tighter ink drawing with a splash of watercolor. “I feel it is important to explore new avenues with my art, find what inspires me and make my imagination work toward something new for me.”

Secretary—Joyce Umfress; 398-1122

Treasurer—Elleta Abuliel. 832-0333

 Art Center Manager—Floyd Dillon

Although the Art Center floor was still in acceptable condition at the beginning of this month, it was time to have the floor stripped and resealed. The result is a bright shiny floor in the major areas. This was accomplished with the huge undertaking of moving all of the furnishing the Art Center floor. Thanks to Rhonda Martin and Martin Varga, who worked that Saturday, and Joung Hee Won and her two sons for helping to clear the floor. Joung Hee and one son had enough energy to return on Sunday to help move everything back.

August’s First Friday was definitely a hot evening but many Bakersfield citizens took the opportunity to visit the Art Center and view the variety of art produced by our members. Thanks are extended to all BAA members who made it another successful First Friday. The larger crowd generated increased sales, but our intrepid workers did a great job keeping up with the purchases. The food committee provided quite an assortment for the visitors and Natalie again volunteered and served the wine.

Don’t forget September’s First Friday will feature the artwork selected for inclusion in the BAA’s 2018 Calendar. You will have the opportunity to see and purchase the original art created by BAA members. Hopefully, the finished calendars will be available for purchase as this is one of the BAA’s major fundraisers to support the scholarship program awards. It is always great when our artists are there to discuss their artwork with interested visitors.

There are still a couple of wall spaces available at the Art Center. The process for showing your art at the Center is quite simple. For information on what you need to do to display your art at the Center, you can stop by and pick up a flyer or call me at 869-2320 or



                Events & Marketing – Iva Fendrick, 872-2332

Classes – Carol Bradshaw, 760-376-6604

Donations & Bequests – Alan Neumann, 703-2337


Finance: Jim Bates – 871-7640

Fundraising: Kathy Schilling 496-3963

The deadline for printing the calendar is fast approaching. We now have nine committed ads and need fourteen to fully fund the production of the BAA 2018 Calendar. Please contact Stella at or 661-477-6933 if you would like 14 months of advertising for your art or business, or a friend’s business by August 1st latest. Those already placing ads are: Barbershoppers, Marsha Black, Linda Bowser, Direct Lending, Patti Doolittle, Iva Fendrick, Kathy Schilling, Barbara Shipley, and Marilyn Steward.

 Historian: Nancy Clark, 872-3295 & Stella Mullins

Hospitality: Linda Bowser, 703-5491

 Librarian: Cheri Sperl, 301-3008

 Library update. Please remember to return all overdue library books. Books can be checked out for 30 days at a time.

 Membership Report: Joyce Umfress

Newsletter: Stella Mullins 587-5211 or 477-6933

Parliamentarian: Floyd Dillon, 873-7425

 Plein Air – Norma Eaton, 541-231-5459

In September, the Plein Air Trek (PAT) group will meet on the 12th at Bolles Nursery on Allen Road; and on the 26th at the Cezar Chavez in Keene off Highway 58. As usual, details will be emailed to everyone on the plein air  list a few  days  before the  event.   Any  member  can  re- quest inclusion in our email list by notifying Norma Eaton at  or  661-633-4640.

 Publicity – Norma Eaton, 541-231-5459

              Scholarships and Awards – Kathy Schilling 496-3963

 The Scholarship Committee Chairperson Kathy Schilling presented $1,000 scholarships plus a BAA year’s membership to three deserving young artists at the June meeting on the 10th. They all expressed their appreciation for such a generous scholarship from the BAA.

 Kathy also presented a $250 award plus a BAA year’s membership to two fantastic art teachers at the meeting.

Website: Greg Ketchum, 319-5034

(by Greg Ketchum, Webmaster)

Thank you again to Kathy Beck (past webmaster) for training me in the operation and updating of the BAA website. Now that I’ve been managing the site for several months, I’m beginning to feel like I know what I’m doing. New for the site since I’ve taken over will be updates, call to artists and other mid-month item that I receive via email blasts. These can be found in the “For Members” section at the bottom of the page.

I hope to have other enhancements in the future and I welcome suggestions from members regarding the BAA site. Just email me at

Art Center Exhibit Wall – Floyd Dillon, 873-7425

The 2018 Art Center Featured Wall Schedule has been compiled from those members who indicated that they wished to have a show at the Art Center. The schedule is as follows:

January 5 . . . . . Sharon Casey     February 1 . .. . . Group Show     March 2 . . . . . . Greg Stanley

April 6 . . . .  . Cheri Sperl    May 4 . . . . . Marlene Meek    June 1 . .  . . . Marsha Black     July 6 . . . . . Group Show

August 3 . . . . . .Marilyn Cameron     September 7 . . ... Victoria Porter     October 5 . . . . . Martin Varga

November 2 . … . Norma Eaton and others    December 7 . ... . Patti Doolittle

Workshops – Marlene Meek, 376-9195

The BAA Workshop Committee met in August to plan upcoming events. We are in the process of finalizing the 2018 schedule of workshops and plan to have a full report on the upcoming agenda very soon.

Coming in September will be artist Patti Doolittle who will demonstrate painting portraits of children using full-bodied acrylic paints. Sign up at the Art Center before the class fills! Don’t forget to mark your calendar on the fourth Saturday of September (23rd) as our first workshop is usually held on the third Saturday. We had a conflict and had to move it back one week. Patti has been an active member of the BAA for over fifteen years and has given us many enjoyable programs as well as workshops. She is known throughout Kern County for her commissioned work which includes large public murals as well as portraits, still-lifes and landscapes. Last year she began experimenting with a newer acrylic technique which she learned was most effective when applied to painting young children. Patti writes: “I started my love of art when I was quite young; loved to draw and loved color. Over the years I have attended many workshops and taken college level Art classes where I always picked up something useful that I liked. I still take classes. You never stop learning!” She goes on to modestly say: “I have won awards to my surprise, which is fun! I always feel honored when another artist likes my work. I knew right away I had to be a photographer too, so I have a file drawer full of photographic reference material. I have shown my paintings at the Ronald Reagan Museum with ‘Artists of the West’ which was really an honor.” Patti is best known for her Western themed portraits and figure studies in oils and pastels, now supplemented with her studies in acrylics! We are lucky to have her give the first workshop of the  2017-2018 season!

Newsletter and Nominating Committee: Stella Mullins,  


                             Installation at the June 10th general meeting:


President:            Catherine Malahowski

Vice President: Linda Bowser

Secretary:          Joyce Umfress

Treasurer:            Kay Hall                                            Standing Committees:

Art Center Manager:              Floyd Dillon

Finance Committee Chair:   Jim Bates

Satellite Show Chair:             Charlotte White             At Large Directors:

Iva Fendrick    Stella Mullins     Mimi Placencia     Micki Schulz

Satellite Shows – Charlotte White


Festival of Roses, Wasco Veterans Hall, September 9th. Cost $10. Commission 30%. Each artist may have three A-frames, a small table, a card rack and one print rack. To participate, sign up in the notebook in the Art Center. Questions: Call Charlotte at 330-2676, evenings.

Finance – Jim Bates

Members At Large –  Iva Fendrick, Stella Mullins, Mimi Placencia, Micki Schulz                                

EVENTS: On the morning of Saturday, October 21st, the Kern Historical Society will be holding a meeting in the Art Center from 10:30 to about 11:30. This will be a program presenting Art in Kern County History. There will be paintings by Vina Cross (Iva’s mother) of locations of interest: one of a sand dipper seen on the Kern River at Oak Street; another of the large black tanks at the edge of the Oak Street overpass; plus a few more. Also, Charlotte White will present many of her iconic paintings of local spots, explaining her process of painting on location. This program will be open to the public, with a small fee at the door. Hope to see you there.

MARKETING: The Board of Trade on Oak Street has requested more of the Tour of Bakersfield Galleries rack cards that Norma Eaton designed a couple years back. So the good news is, they continue to distribute them and people are finding the arts district. Please, if you have somewhere that you feel people would use these gallery tour cards, let me know and I will get them to you. We also have the rack cards that give information about what the BAA has to offer to the community. Be sure when you tell people about our organization to make it clear that we are NOT the gallery in the park, the Bakersfield Museum of Art. You would be surprised the amount of times I have talked about the BAA and when I say, “Not the Museum in the park,” they say, “Oh, that is the one I was thinking of.”Kay Hall will be giving a Power Point presentation about the BAA and the Art Center at the Masonic Temple during their High 12 Luncheon on September 8th. The more we can spread the word, the more visitors we will have as well as possible new members.

The copyright of all paintings. Drawings and photographs shown on this site are owned and retained by the individual artists and the BAA. All rights reserved.