President—Catherine Malahowski, 717-4433

Dear friends and members of the BAA. The new year is already upon us. I hope everyone has had a safe and sane New Year’s celebration.

The featured artist in December at the Art Center was Voltaine Annon. She created unique art that mimics river water. She was inspired to create this art by the memory of an almost tragic experience she had by jumping into the Kern River as a teenager. It is amazing how such beautiful art was inspired by such a harrowing experience.

The featured artist at Dagny’s was Toni Lott. She displayed her colorful acrylic pictures that she is well known for. The Annual 2017 Christmas Party went very well. The tables and the decorations were festive. The baskets to be auctioned were beautiful and of high quality, including an offer for a portrait by Patti Doolittle and Shirley Rowles donated an art piece by Ruth Emerson. As a special treat, Ronda Martin played her flute for us. As far as I know, we made a bit of money to help keep the BAA afloat.

As you probably know, Stella Mullins has resigned from the board which leaves her seat as a “Member at Large” vacant. If you are interested in serving on the board and helping this organization, please contact me or any Board member. You will find Board contact info on this page.

I hope the New Year will be happy and blessed for all of us.


Vice President — Linda Bowser

We had a fantastic Christmas Party at our general meeting on December 9th at the Art Center. We had twenty beautiful baskets, art classes by some of our talented art instructors, a portrait by Patti Doolittle and a special painting by Ruth Emerson, all donated for our Silent Auction. Thanks to everyone who donated. This was a fantastic fundraiser.

I would also like to thank everyone who brought refreshments. We had quite an assortment. Everything was delicious and tasty! Thanks to Kathy Gregory for providing all the table center pieces and decorating all the tables. They really looked great!

Our next general meeting will be on January 13th at 10 a.m. We will have a panel of artists to critique any painting you would like to bring in to share or request help on a current project.

Our February meeting will feature Art Sherwyn who is a local artist that a lot of our members are familiar with. He will also be doing a workshop on February 17th. If you haven’t signed up, be sure to put your name on the waiting list. See Marlene’s report below about the workshop

See you at our January 13th meeting.

Secretary—Joyce Umfress; 398-1122

Treasurer—Elleta Abuliel. 832-0333

 Art Center Manager—Floyd Dillon

As we frantically try to complete all the tasks that we planned to accomplish before the end of 2017, it is incumbent upon us to identify activities and procedures that worked well for this year as well as those that we need to improve. We have found that our members are willing to take on many Art Center duties rather than depending on one or two people to do them. Therefore, kudos are in order for Iva Fendrick and Kay Hall for stepping in to fulfill Art Center Manager duties when I am not able. Additionally, the Art Center Scheduling Committee, headed by Marsha Black, has established a process to insure this key area is accomplished on time. Cheri Sperl continues to maintain the Art Center Library and recently merged a large donation of art books into our limited space. Toni Lott has continued to help order art supplies until another member is ready to resume that task. All the artists who work at the Art Center deserve recognition for doing a little extra to keep the Art Center at its best. It is very encouraging to see members pitch in to make sure that BAA activities are successful.

It is important to note the number of members who helped set up the recent BAA Christmas Party. Anyone who has worked that event knows and appreciates the number of hours that go into planning, receiving and preparing the Christmas Baskets, setting up the silent auction, and taking care of all the food members bring for the party. Because much of the Art Center must be reconfigured to accommodate the party, the time members devoted to these activities was greatly appreciated. The outcome of Art Center events and activities reflect directly on our members’ willingness to participate. Well done!

First Friday activities at the Art Center will continue in the New Year, so make a point to drop by and see what is going on. Artists represented at the Art Center are especially encouraged to come by and interact with our visitors. Also, don’t forget to tell your friends where the Art Center is located.


Classes – Carol Bradshaw, 760-376-6604

Donations & Bequests – Alan Neumann, 703-2337


Finance: Jim Bates – 871-7640

Fundraising: Kathy Schilling 496-3963

What a wonderful day we had for our Christmas Party. So many of our members were there to enjoy each other's company, eat great food and bid on fabulous baskets. The Christmas Silent Auction made over $1,445 and Nancy Clark made a sizeable donation for the BAA.

Thank you to all of you who helped put together this great fundraiser. A special thanks to Mimi Placencia and Kay Hall for all their help in taking in the baskets and helping me throughout the day. Mimi and Kay and the Fundraising Committee had such wonderful ideas, most of which we were able to use at this fun event. Also, another special thanks to Linda Bowser for organizing the refreshment table which was beautifully done to share all the yummy food donated by many BAA members.

Thank you to the whole committee, and to all the members who attended. The Christmas Party was a wonderful success because of you.

 Historian: Nancy Clark, 872-3295 & Stella Mullins

Hospitality: Linda Bowser, 703-5491

 Librarian: Cheri Sperl, 301-3008

We recently received a large book donation which the librarian will be processing soon. Thank you to all who have donated books recently and in the past.

We have a few duplicate books which will be made available for purchase by members at future BAA member- ship meetings.

 Membership Report: Joyce Umfress

Newsletter: Stella Mullins 587-5211 or 477-6933

I’ve just given notice to the Board that as of December 31st, I  will be stepping down from the position of Editor of the BAA Newsletter. My last newsletter will be the January 2018 issue. I have really enjoyed being the Editor but health issues of both my husband and myself prompted this decision (6-day hospital stay for Tom).

UPDATE NOTE: Norma Eaton and Mimi Placencia have graciously accepted new positions. Norma will take over as Editor of the Newsletter in January and Mimi will continue Norma Eaton’s Publicity duties.

Parliamentarian: Floyd Dillon, 873-7425

PLEIN AIR TREK REPORT: Norma Eaton, 541-231-5459

In January, the Plein Air Trek (PAT) group will meet on the 9th at Hart Flat Road in Keene off Highway 58 and on the 23rd at Lake Ming.

Details will be emailed to everyone on the plein air list a few days before the event. Any BAA member can be added to our email list by notifying Norma at 661-633-4640 or

 Publicity: Norma Eaton, 541-231-5459

              Scholarships and Awards – Kathy Schilling 496-3963


Website: Greg Ketchum, 661-319-5034

Art Center Exhibit Wall – Floyd Dillon, 873-7425

The 2018 Art Center Featured Wall Schedule has been compiled from those members who indicated that they wished to have a show at the Art Center. The schedule is as follows:

January 5 . . . . . Sharon Casey     February 1 . .. . . Group Show     March 2 . . . . . . Greg Stanley

April 6 . . . .  . Cheri Sperl    May 4 . . . . . Marlene Meek    June 1 . .  . . . Marsha Black     July 6 . . . . . Group Show

August 3 . . . . . .Marilyn Cameron     September 7 . . ... Victoria Porter     October 5 . . . . . Martin Varga

November 2 . … . Norma Eaton and others    December 7 . ... . Patti Doolittle

Workshops: Marlene Meek, 661-376-9195

We are happy to report that Art Sherwyn's Sketching workshop is now filled! There are 15 signatures on the sign-up sheet so if you want to take his workshop and did not get your name up on time, there is a waiting list. Not everyone on the list is paid up so you still might get in if you act soon.

Here is the Workshop list for 2018:

• Feb 17__Art Sherwyn (Sketching Methods of a Master)

• March 24__Laura Valenzuela (Landscape Painting Basics)

• April 21__Iva Fendrick (The Magic of Watercolor)

• May 19 & 20__Clayton Beck (Painting Alla Prima...A TWO-DAY WORKSHOP. Clayton is the Proprietor and Oil Painting        I              Instructor of the Palette & Chisel Art Academy in Chicago, Illinois)

These workshops are all scheduled to begin on Saturday at 9:00AM and end at 3:30PM. Costs will range between $55-$255 per workshop.

Newsletter and Nominating Committee: Stella Mullins,  


                             Installation at the June 10th general meeting:


President:            Catherine Malahowski

Vice President: Linda Bowser

Secretary:          Joyce Umfress

Treasurer:            Kay Hall                                            Standing Committees:

Art Center Manager:              Floyd Dillon

Finance Committee Chair:   Jim Bates

Satellite Show Chair:             Charlotte White             At Large Directors:

Iva Fendrick    Stella Mullins     Mimi Placencia     Micki Schulz

Satellite Shows – Charlotte White


Spring Home and Garden Show. Kern County Fair Grounds. February 23-25. Set up on 22nd @ 5 p.m. Break down on 25th @ 5 p.m. Must be willing to work two shifts. $10 participation fee & 30% comm. Sign up in the notebook at the Art Center.

Bakersfield College Garden Fest. April 21st. Set up @ 8 a.m. & open for business at 9 a.m. Break down at 5 p.m. Must be willing to work all day, meeting the public & selling your art. Fee, commission & sign up same as above.

Wasco Rose Festival in October. Details to come. September or October.

Fall Spring Home and Garden Show, Kern County Fairgrounds. October 19 - 21, 2018. Set up on Thursday, October 18th at 5:00 p.m. Break down on Sunday at 5 p.m. Must be willing to work two shifts. $10 participation fee. 30% commission. Sign up in the notebook at the Art Center. Only 8 artists may participate.


Finance – Jim Bates

Members At Large –  Iva Fendrick, Stella Mullins, Mimi Placencia, Micki Schulz                                

               Events & Marketing – Iva Fendrick, 872-2332

EVENTS: On December 18th, we had another book signing by Randy Fendrick for his book, “The Other Music of Bakersfield”. The positive for the BA was that Randy and I had an announcement on Public Radio of the event taking place at the Art Center. We hope this publicity, not only for the book, but for the BAA, will get more people downtown and into the Art Center. If you know of an event or activity you want to have at the Art Center, please contact Iva at 661-872-2332.

MARKETING: It would be wonderful if another person were willing to help with Marketing. Mainly it would be helping to distribute our flyers to various locations. Also, we could brain storm ways to market the Art Center. Contact Iva at 661 872-2332 or cell 661 303-5327.

The copyright of all paintings. Drawings and photographs shown on this site are owned and retained by the individual artists and the BAA. All rights reserved.