President—Iva Cross Fendrick, 661-872-2332

The holidays are upon us in full force. I know all of you are very busy and if you are not busy, please volun-teer to help out at the BAA Art Center Gallery. We always need people who like to be busy, meeting new people and contributing to BAA.

Those attending the November Second Saturday gallery meeting enjoyed a very interesting, informative demonstration about the Ancient Art Form of growing Bonsai trees. New member, Jack Reynolds from Lake Isabella, was our presenter. His presentation was filled with interesting facts of this art form. One of the trees he brought weighed more than a hundred pounds. Several other trees there were also very beautiful. Jack had to answer many, many questions, for this was an art form that delighted us and opened our eyes to the history Bonsai trees.. How can I get you to attend our Second Saturday gatherings???

December 8th. is our big Christmas party and silent auction. Last month’s newsletter I spoke of its importance and what a fun event it can be, so I do hope you will join us or if that date is past by the time you read this newsletter, that you had a wonderful time.

The November Featured Artist Wall was an interesting one to behold. “Call and Response” was the title. The First Friday, as usual, was busy with people coming in to enjoy our art and food. We had our short survey for visitors to fill out, selecting the art they enjoyed most, then we place those papers in the artist envelopes. It is always good to get feed back from the public.

December will be Patti Doolittle as the Art Center’s Featured Artist. Be sure to check out the art at Dagny’s Coffee shop. November’s artist was Marsha Black’s interesting photo travels and December is Jim Bates, with his expert detail drawings.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

2019 Calendars

It is not too late to purchase BAA Calendars. Anyone who purchases 10 or more calendars can receive a discount making each calendar only $10 each plus tax


Vice President — Micki Shultz, 661-330-3002

Hi there, Can you believe it's December! Its already time to complete & close another year/ chapter. However, as we Close 2018, we get to prepare for the Grand Opening of a brand new year, 2019. Just think of all the Possibilities.....(literally).

What do we want to see or "create" on this new blank slate? What artistic goals do you have or want to accomplish?

As members of the Bakersfield Art Association, what would you like to see in Your Organization. What idea do you have that could make a positive difference. What can we do to support you, the members, more? Also - How are you willing to Contribute to our Association? What are your special abilities or talents or skills that you could offer to support our Gallery?

Let's step into 2019 with the Possibility of Everyone being empowered by the Contribution of Others! Thank you for allowing me to serve you this past 6 months as your Vice Presi-dent. As a brand new artist, I have felt Included, Accepted and Supported by all of you which has allowed & nurtured me in finding my Passion. That's pretty Cool! - Especially with so many truly talented artists.

Thank you very much.

Thank you Jack Reynolds for a successful General meeting in November. This month will be no meeting because it's time for our annual Christmas Potluck & Silent Auction. We are asking the members to bring in pre made Christmas gift baskets. I am now Challenging all of you who have that competitive spirit to create the Best Auction item or Basket and to bring in the highest Bid?. Who will bring in the most creative, or unusual or most wanted item? Who will be the Top Choice? The prize will be Bragging Rights for the whole year!!!!

I thought since there was already a Challenge out there, why not present the members with another Challenge! Who will bring in the best dish? Who is willing to dig out Grandma's Special recipes?

Use this as an opportunity to fully express yourself (And Thank You for your contributions.... you are the ones that make this Party so great!) These are the types of food needed for the Potluck:

* Main Dish/Casserole

* Salads

* Appetizers/ Snacks

* Desserts

Please call Micki Schulz - (661) 330-3002. With the food being contributed to the Potluck. Also call Micki to let her know about items for the Silent Auction. Thanks again. Micki

Secretary—Joyce Umfress; 398-1122

Treasurer—Kay Hall, 661-324-0311

 Art Center Managers—The four managers

As most of you know by now we “lost” our fabulous artist and BAA Gallery Manager Floyd Dillon to the great state of Texas. Certainly their gain has been our loss.

Art Center Developments

(The Four Managers)

The BAA Satellite Art Shows (Outside the Art Center have had an awesome year with many sales benefiting our art-ists. A huge thanks goes to the unsung heroes that coordinate the thirteen locations: Patte Embrey, Norma Neil, Mimi Palen-cia, Toni Lott, Jim Bates, Iva Fendrick, Marsha Black and Char-lotte White, Chairperson. We need more coordinators for the coming year. Please call Charlotte White for information.

Many new artists have joined our ranks in re-cent months. Most recently, we are welcoming Sissy Ullmann and Laurie Paci. Donna Bianco now also has paintings on the wall as well as her painted china located in the cabinet at the reception counter. Be sure to wel-come our new artists and take a look at their work the next time you are in the Art Center.

Many, many heartfelt thanks to donors who have helped us along the way. We are pleased that Mr. Crites, our landlord, has agreed to pay for half the expenses to change our lighting system to LED lighting. Thanks to a generous donation from Bob and Pam Smith last year, the BAA is able to cover the other half of the new lighting expenses. Finally, if you live on the west side of Bakersfield especially, be sure to stop at Sully’s Chevron Stations. The Sullivan Grandson’s, who own Sully’s Stations, have allowed us to put our marketing informational cards in their stations. Their grand-mother, Diane Sullivan, donated the holders for the cards.

The Four Managers, Kay, Toni, Iva, Marsha


Classes – Carol Bradshaw, 760-376-6604

Donations & Bequests –  Micki Shultz, 661-330-3002


Finance: Jim Bates – 661-871-7640

Fundraising: Kathy Schilling 661-496-3963

 Historian: Nancy Clark, 661-872-3295

Hospitality: Micki Shultz, 661-330-3002

 Librarian: Cheri Sperl, 661-301-3008

New Books in the BAA Library:   Watercolor Right From the Start- Hilary Page;   Experiment with Watercolors- Stan Smith ;

Technique Sourcebook Watercolor painting- Mark Topham;  Introduction to Watercolor- Sarah Buckley;

Watercolor- Let the Medium Do It- Valfred Thelin;  Art Techniques for Texture & Effects- Paul Taggart;

The Immortal Molded Gourds of Mr. Zhang Cairi

 Membership Report: Kay Hall, 661-444-7360

Newsletter: Norma Eaton, 541-231-5459

UPDATE NOTE: Norma Eaton and Mimi Placencia have graciously accepted new positions. Norma will take over as Editor of the Newsletter in January and Mimi will continue Norma Eaton’s Publicity duties.


Plein Aire Trekkers: Norma Eaton, 541-231-5459

There are no activities planned for December. Normally we meet the second and fourth Wednesdays at 9:00 am and paint until noon. Con-tact or 661-633-4640 for details or to be added to the email notification list.

 Publicity: Mimi Placencia, 661-444-0186 FACEBOOK

If people are on Facebook, they can “search” for the Bakersfield Art Association and “like” the page. Then they will see all the postings that Mimi has been posting to the site.  Also, if anyone would like Mimi to post some-thing about their artwork, they should send her photos and/or copy via email. Then she will be sure and get it into the Facebook site as well.   

              Scholarships and Awards – Kathy Schilling 496-3963


  Website: Greg Ketchum, 661-319-5034

Art Center Exhibit Wall – Floyd Dillon, 873-7425

The 2018 Art Center Featured Wall Schedule has been compiled from those members who indicated that they wished to have a show at the Art Center. The schedule is as follows:

January 5 . . . . . Sharon Casey     February 1 . .. . . Group Show     March 2 . . . . . . Greg Stanley

April 6 . . . .  . Cheri Sperl    May 4 . . . . . Marlene Meek    June 1 . .  . . . Marsha Black     July 6 . . . . . Group Show

August 3 . . . . . .Marilyn Cameron     September 7 . . ... Victoria Porter     October 5 . . . . . Martin Varga

November 2 . … . Norma Eaton and others    December 7 . ... . Patti Doolittle

Workshops:  Cheri Sperl, 661-301-3008

Signup sheets and flyers are up at the Art Center for the following workshops:

January 19, 2019- 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. $65.00 for BAA members, $75.00 for non-members. Jim Bates, an expert draftsman known for his architectural drawings, is conducting a "Basic Perspective for Drawing and Painting" workshop. This class will introduce students to basic perspective drawing in relationship to producing accurate drawings and paintings in art work in both one and two point perspective. Sign-up at the Art Center.

Duane Anderson will be conducting a water-color workshop Saturday February 23 from 9-3:30. Trained as an architect, Duane combined his love of design and nature into beautiful works of art in his preferred medium, watercolor. He will conduct a demonstration at the BAA monthly meeting February 16.

Award winning artists Kris Buck is returning to town in March to conduct a workshop "Spring Has Sprung- Landscape Painting with Pastels Using a Watercolor Under-painting Technique" March 16, 2019, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. $65.00 for Members, $75.00 for non-members.  

Newsletter and Nominating Committee: Stella Mullins,  


                             Installation at the June 10th general meeting:


President:            Iva Frendrick

Vice President: Micki Shultz

Secretary:          Joyce Umfress

Treasurer:            Kay Hall                                            Standing Committees:

Art Center Manager:              Marsha Black, Kay Hall, Iva Fendrick, Toni Lott

Finance Committee Chair:   Jim Bates

Satellite Show Chair:             Charlotte White             At Large Directors:

Iva Fendrick    Micki Schultz     Mimi Placencia    Jane Thornton    Jan Wiley

Satellite Shows – Charlotte White

The BAA Satellite Art Shows (Outside the Art Center) have had an awesome year with many sales benefiting our artists. A huge thanks goes to the unsung heroes that coordinate the thir-teen locations: Patte Embrey, Patty Doolittle, Norma Neil, Mimi Palencia, Toni Lott, Jim Bates, Iva Fendrick, Marsha Black and Char-lotte White, Chairperson.

We need two more coordinators to volun-teer for the coming year. Please call Charlotte White for information.

Attention: Artists who participate in the satellite shows.

Please save the information cards for each painting you hang so that it will be available for the next show and saves on our having to order more cards and you having to fill out another card each time.


Finance – Jim Bates, 661-805-6201

Members At Large –  Iva Fendrick, Mimi Placencia, Micki Schulz, Jane Thorton and Jan Wiley                                

               Events & Marketing – Iva Fendrick, 661-872-2332


    MARKETING: If you know of someone who is looking for a place to hold an event, the Art Center might be just the place to rent. Please call Iva Fendrick at 661-872-2332.

All artists showing in the BAA Art Center need to market their art, by marketing their art, that will promote the gallery, which is very important to our community. Artists who have business cards, pass them out, advising that your art can been seen at 1607 19th Street. Give the hours and be sure to tell them we are not the gallery in Central Park (Mill Creek). If you have not made cards yet, think of having one of your paintings showing on the back of the card. This could spark interest and give a conversation starter. Also, it can be a plus to have your bio on the back of each for your framed pieces, or on the shelf in the window telling something about you. If not a bio, have your business card attached to the back of items for sale. It all comes down to how hard you want to work to sell your art. As you know, the art does not just “fly out the door”. We count on you to support the art in our community and the Bakersfield Art Association Art Center.

The copyright of all paintings. Drawings and photographs shown on this site are owned and retained by the individual artists and the BAA. All rights reserved.

Grants - TBD