President—Catherine Malahowski, 717-4433

Dear friends and members of the BAA. It looks like we are having good plein air weather when it does not rain. Even the rain promises more fine opportunities for plein air art when the wildflowers are in bloom and spring reaches its fulfillment.

We had a great workshop toward the end of February with Art Sherwyn. Mr. Sherwyn has an interesting story of how he became an artist and made it his passion. It was a fun workshop and we concentrated on contour drawing.

First Friday was a pleasant evening. Marsha Black was the featured artist at BAA. She displayed her breathtaking photographs of places she has been. It is evident that she is extremely skilled with her camera. It appears that she not only knows where the most beautiful places are to visit but how to take the most beautiful optimal pictures.

Laura Mizrahi was the featured artist at Dagny’s. She displayed her colorful watercolor pictures and each one seems to tell the story of country life in Kern County through its cowboys and farm animals.

At the member’s meeting we had the opportunity to learn how to write and illustrate children’s books. Kim Warren and Kathy Beck were our teachers. They both had experience with writing, illustration, making art for children’s books and different experiences in publishing books. Kim invited Dave Smale, a graphic artist from Prov-idence Printing Company, who helped her with computer technology to put her books together. With his help, she was able to publish the books herself. Kathy Beck, who did the art work for her parent’s book, chose a publishing company. Thank-you Kim and Kathy for sharing your ex-perience with us.

As I am writing this message, I am looking forward to the next workshop with Laura Valenzuela.


Vice President — Linda Bowser

April 14th. BAA gallery program will feature Iva Cross Fendrick . She will demonstrate her fast and loose watercolor technique of combining paint and her scribble pen and ink drawing technique. The wa-tercolor demonstration will give a sample for those taking her workshop the following Saturday, April 21st. at the gallery. Following the short demonstra-tion, Iva will present a Power Point program showing local scenes painted by her mother, Vina Cross, one of the founders of Bakersfield Art Association in 1944. The range of subject matter will be those of the Santa Fe RR at Oak St. and near BHS. Also, oil field landscapes from long ago, with wooden derricks and surrounding locations and many scenes now gone. Iva will have many of Vina’s original painting on display that day. The meeting and program are free and open to the public at 1607 19th St., from 10 to 12 AM.

May 12th our general meeting will feature Jim Bates. More information will be in the April newslet-ter. Jim is another local artist with work at the BAA gallery if you would like to see his work before the workshop. Aren’t we lucky to have all these talented artists at our fingertips in Bakersfield?

The March meeting on writing and illustrating children’s books by Kim Warren, with help from Kathy Beck and David Smale was very informative and a big success. Thanks to all who helped make it so.

Secretary—Joyce Umfress; 398-1122

Treasurer—Elleta Abuliel. 832-0333

 Art Center Manager—Floyd Dillon

Yes, it happened again. Only this time the perpetrator smashed the glass in the West Gallery door and entered the Art Center. While the miscreant left with the operating cash and cash drawer, no other damage was done. Thanks go to Kay and Iva for getting the glass replaced as well as keeping the Art Center operating and dealing with the locksmith. They also kept the Art Center functioning while I took a couple of weeks off. Action is being taken to obtain a security company to monitor the Art Center and respond to alarms.

March’s First Friday evening was a little blustery resulting in a smaller crowd than usual. Don’t want to say anything about rain in Bakersfield as we certainly don’t get enough of it, but the threat of rain seems to have deterred our local citizens from venturing out. The visitors to the Art Center enjoyed the art and interacting with BAA artists. Thanks go to the food committee for providing an array of food and drink and to BAA artists who dropped by to communicate with visitors.

If there is anyone interested in showing their art at the Art Center, now is a good time to submit your art to be juried as there are a couple of wall spaces for new artists. The process is simple and all the details are on a form at the Art Center. In addition, if you would like to volunteer to meet the public and sell art at the Art Center, you can be worked into the schedule to work at the Art Center. Just contact Floyd. Still looking for the next person to manage the Art Center.

Don’t forget Deborah Cooper is collecting names of BAA artists interested in offering small paintings for sale during a silent auction to be held on April’s First Friday. The plan is to set up the silent auction the last week of March and the winning bidders will be notified on Saturday April 7. Each contributing artist designates the starting bid level, no fee is charged to enter, and the artist receives 70% of the sale price. So if interested, please contact Deborah at


Classes – Carol Bradshaw, 760-376-6604

Donations & Bequests – Alan Neumann, 661-703-2337


Finance: Jim Bates – 661-871-7640

Fundraising: Kathy Schilling 661-496-3963

What a wonderful day we had for our Christmas Party. So many of our members were there to enjoy each other's company, eat great food and bid on fabulous baskets. The Christmas Silent Auction made over $1,445 and Nancy Clark made a sizeable donation for the BAA.

Thank you to all of you who helped put together this great fundraiser. A special thanks to Mimi Placencia and Kay Hall for all their help in taking in the baskets and helping me throughout the day. Mimi and Kay and the Fundraising Committee had such wonderful ideas, most of which we were able to use at this fun event. Also, another special thanks to Linda Bowser for organizing the refreshment table which was beautifully done to share all the yummy food donated by many BAA members.

Thank you to the whole committee, and to all the members who attended. The Christmas Party was a wonderful success because of you.

 Historian: Nancy Clark, 661-872-3295 & Stella Mullins

Hospitality: Linda Bowser, 661-703-5491

 Librarian: Cheri Sperl, 661-301-3008

We recently received a large book donation which the librarian will be processing soon. Thank you to all who have donated books recently and in the past.

We have a few duplicate books which will be made available for purchase by members at future BAA member- ship meetings.

 Membership Report: Joyce Umfress

Newsletter: Norma Eaton, 541-231-5459

UPDATE NOTE: Norma Eaton and Mimi Placencia have graciously accepted new positions. Norma will take over as Editor of the Newsletter in January and Mimi will continue Norma Eaton’s Publicity duties.

Parliamentarian: Floyd Dillon, 661-873-7425

PLEIN AIR TREK REPORT: Norma Eaton, 541-231-5459

We meet the second and fourth Tuesdays at 9:00 am until noon. Contact or 661-633-4640 for details.

April 10 – Aera Park – Jewetta Avenue and Stock-dale Hwy

April 24 - Delonagha Day Use Park - Kern River Canyon

 Publicity: Mimi Placencia, 661-444-0186            FACEBOOK   

If people are on Facebook, they can “search” for the Bakersfield Art Association and “like” the page. Then they will see all the postings that Mimi has been posting to the site.

Also, if anyone would like Mimi to post some-thing about their artwork, they should send her pho-tos and/or copy via email. Then she will be sure and get it into the Facebook site as well.  

              Scholarships and Awards – Kathy Schilling 496-3963


  Website: Greg Ketchum, 661-319-5034

Art Center Exhibit Wall – Floyd Dillon, 873-7425

The 2018 Art Center Featured Wall Schedule has been compiled from those members who indicated that they wished to have a show at the Art Center. The schedule is as follows:

January 5 . . . . . Sharon Casey     February 1 . .. . . Group Show     March 2 . . . . . . Greg Stanley

April 6 . . . .  . Cheri Sperl    May 4 . . . . . Marlene Meek    June 1 . .  . . . Marsha Black     July 6 . . . . . Group Show

August 3 . . . . . .Marilyn Cameron     September 7 . . ... Victoria Porter     October 5 . . . . . Martin Varga

November 2 . … . Norma Eaton and others    December 7 . ... . Patti Doolittle

Workshops: Marlene Meek, 661-376-9195

Art Sherwyn's February workshop was a great success! More than a few participants shared how much they enjoyed the experience and I must confess, I was among them! Art shared easy and fun ways to warm up your sketching skills, revealing it isn't so much the subject you choose to draw as it is the way you approach the subject and how you see it that matters.

Our next workshop...

THE MAGIC OF WATERCOLOR! - We are fortunate to have Iva Fendrick lead a watercolor workshop on Saturday, April 21. Iva is a long-standing member and past president of the BAA. She studied art at Cal State Bakersfield, Bakersfield College, and the Art Center School of Design in LA. Iva taught in the Kern High School District for 25 years and many of our members enjoy her weekly watercolor classes at the BAA.

Iva is proficient in many mediums, but for this workshop her focus will be on watercolor and how to keep your paintings loose and fresh. She will also show us how the use of pen and ink will enhance detail with just the use of free-flowing lines. Iva loves to share her enjoyment of watercolor due to the transparency of the paint and the flow of paint that can be achieved with a variety of painting methods.

You don't want to miss the opportunity to sign up for this unique workshop. The surprises that you will achieve will show why the workshop is called "The Magic of Watercolor". The sign-up sheet can be found at the BAA as well as a list of supplies. (Thank you Karen King)

In conclusion, we have a real treat coming in May all the way from Chicago, Illinois so... hold on to your paint brushes! If you have access to a computer, look up artist Clayton Beck III! Third week-end in your $250.00. We will be doing lots of outside advertising so sign up early while there is space available on the clipboard at the Art Center.

Newsletter and Nominating Committee: Stella Mullins,  


                             Installation at the June 10th general meeting:


President:            Catherine Malahowski

Vice President: Linda Bowser

Secretary:          Joyce Umfress

Treasurer:            Kay Hall                                            Standing Committees:

Art Center Manager:              Floyd Dillon

Finance Committee Chair:   Jim Bates

Satellite Show Chair:             Charlotte White             At Large Directors:

Iva Fendrick    Stella Mullins     Mimi Placencia     Micki Schulz

Satellite Shows – Charlotte White


We are happy to announce the addition of two new satellite art shows locations. The first is Narducci’s Burgers and Italian Ice at the corner of 21 Street and “O” Street, across from Hall Ambulance. This is a location that will feature BAKERSFIELD theme paintings and photographs. In the past this was the Hobbit restaurant for those of you who are long time Bakersfield residents. Jim Bates has graciously agreed to be the coordinator for the location. The second satellite art show location is the Toss It Salad Bar at 1917 Eye Street. This location will feature fruits and vegetables paintings and photography. Todd Thorpe is the first exhibitor with his photographs of knives, forks and spoon. This will be a great place for artists to purchase salad for lunch. Toss It will be opening on first Friday in February. Charlotte White will be coordinating this location.



On February 15, eight volunteers from the BAA went to Frank West Elementary, 2400 Benton, for a Panda Bear Paint Night in honor of Chinese New Year. Volunteers and staff from the school had decorated the cafeteria with Chinese lanterns and cut centerpieces lined the yellow covered tables. Charlotte White lead the approximately 100 participants in a step-by-step acrylic painting of a panda bear hugging bamboo. All the kids were really into the process and were excited to take their 8” x 10” paint-ings home. At the end of the evening each participant took home a miniature Chinese take-out box with a fortune cook inside. Jennifer Keller was a good sport and whole a kimono during the evening. Thank you to Micki Schultz, Jennifer Keller, Linda Bowser, Mimi Palencia, Kay Hall, Aileen Alfaro, her mother, Brenda Alfaro, and Charlotte White for coming and help set-up the sup-plies, helping the children and parents with their paint-ings, and then helping to clean-up after the event.


Finance – Jim Bates

Members At Large –  Iva Fendrick, Stella Mullins, Mimi Placencia, Micki Schulz                                

               Events & Marketing – Iva Fendrick, 661-872-2332


If you know of someone who is looking for a place to hold an event, the Art Center might be just the place to rent. Please call Iva Fendrick at 661-872-2332.


It would be wonderful if another person were willing to help with Marketing. Mainly it would be helping to distribute our flyers to various locations. Also, we could brain storm ways to market the Art Center. Contact Iva at 661 872-2332 or cell 661 303-5327.

The copyright of all paintings. Drawings and photographs shown on this site are owned and retained by the individual artists and the BAA. All rights reserved.