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(by Cheri Sperl, Librarian)

All books have been checked in and we have recently had some great new donations. Color codes stickers are now added to all books to help members file in the correct media section. Checkout cards are again filed under the author’s name in the checkout box. Please review the overdue book list in the Library to see if your name is on it. Returned books should be placed in the return box in the Library. An updated book list has been uploaded to the website. Each book is listed by media. Duplicate books have been removed and will be available for sale in future BAA meetings or events.

Some Points to Remember When Using Our Library:

You must be a member of the BAA to check out books, magazines or videos.

1. Take the book(s) to the front counter and the helper will fill out the card with your printed name and date of checkout (month/day/year) and place it in the card holder.

2. Cards will be filed by the initial of the last name of the person checking out the book.

3. Please do not keep the book longer than about 4 weeks so others can use it. If you wish to keep the book longer, simply return the book back and the helper will extend the date on the card by another 4 weeks.

4. I will come in a few times per month to check the return box and to put the books back in the stack.

Each medium is shelved together. We have Acrylic (A), Watercolor (W), Pastel (P), Oil (O), Mixed Media (M), Drawing (D), Craft (C), Reference (R), Video/DVD (V). Within each medium the books are alphabetized by author’s last name. On the spine of each book is a two letter code which indicates the author’s last initial (on top) and the medium (on the bottom). Example: T/W- Author Taylor, Medium Watercolor. If you browse through books while at the Center, please return them to the proper medium section and proper alphabetical place on the shelf.

There will be a box for donated books in the bookcase. If you come across a book without a card, please place it in the box as well. Please do not remove books from this box until the books are properly labeled.

The magazines do not have cards but can still be checked out. The sign-out sheet will be at the front desk.